My shipment has been delayed, why?

In extremely rare circumstances shipments may be delayed.

Our main warehouse is in Northampton, UK. All orders will currently be dispatched from our UK warehouse, we have plans to add warehouses in the US & Australia to improve delivery times in these areas in 2022.

If your order has been delayed for longer than 3 days from your original delivery window please reach out to support@adamansjewellery.com for assistance.

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What shall I do if something goes wrong?

Adamans have a team of customer service specialists working 24/7 to provide support.

Please include a brief description of your problem along with an order number + name.

Contact support@adamansjewellery.com.

We have an average response time of 12 hours, please only send one support ticket as repeatedly opening tickets will delay our response time to your tickets.

If you'd like to add more information to a response you can reply directly to the email you have sent and this will not open another ticket.

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Is COVID-19 affecting deliveries?

We are operating without delay. Every item that leaves our fulfilment centre has been sanitised, ensuring no cross contamination. Safety of our staff and customer is crucial.
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Product info

Can I buy Adamans pieces on other websites? I’ve seen some that look the same

Genuine Adamans pieces can only be bought from www.adjewellery.co.uk. It has come to our attention there are a lot of imitating websites claiming to sell similar pieces, using our images or videos. These, in fact, are scam websites.

Things to consider: 

1. Much lower prices. Imitators tend to lure you in with an attractive price, to make up for credibility, if it's too good to be true it probably is. They'll use a low quality material and/ or plating finish which will significantly affect the longevity and quality of the item.

2. Delivery times that are unbearably long. This indicates the company is dropshipping which will leave you waiting for months to receive your item directly from a factory, usually from China.

3. Unclear and/ or complicated return policies. Dropshipping websites make it very difficult to return your item and will often request that you return it to China which can be costly and risky.

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What makes your quality different?

Our gold plated jewellery is 5x PVD plated, which is industry leading, we use the same process that we use in our vermeil pieces. The process is the highest quality plating available. Our gold plated jewellery will last longer than any gold plating you may be used to. Our team is constantly innovating and improving on our current plating processes to ensure our pieces last the longest.
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How should I store my jewellery?

Jewellery should be wiped down with a microfibre cloth and kept dry after use. We provide a pouch & box to store your jewellery, these are lined with a tarnish proof microfibre felt. High quality pouches & boxes are always lined with a similar microfibre felt to protect the luster of the gold plated jewellery. If your climate is humid, place a small packet of desiccant crystals inside your storage area. Avoid storing your pieces in direct contact with rubber. Always remove your jewellery when applying any colognes, perfumes or other chemical products. Avoid chlorine, especially at elevated tempatures, as this may cause permeneant discoluariton of your gold jewellery.
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Is your jewellery made with real gold/ silver?

We offer 10k/14k/18k Solid Gold, .925 sterling silver and 18k 5X PVD Gold Plating. We use real 14k-18k gold in our plating process on all gold plated products. Our pieces are 5 times PVD plated in real gold, which is the highest quality plating method available which we also use in our vermeil pieces. Our plating method is industry leading and we are so confident in the production of our gold jewellery that we offer a lifetime warranty.
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Do you use real diamonds?

The price you see on our website is for 5A Cubic Zirconia, unless stated otherwise. Vs, Si Diamonds or Moissanite is available on request. 5A Cubic Zirconia is the highest quality, most cost-effective and with very similar properties to diamonds at a fraction of the cost.
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What materials do you use?

Our pieces only use real 14-18k yellow gold, 925 sterling silver and genuine rhodium. Solid gold, 925 sterling silver and 316L stainless steel products are also available. All of our products are strictly tested through all stages of production for quality, durability and longevity of our pieces. We are in full compliance with the regulations set by the Jewelers Vigilance Committee and offer a full lifetime warranty covering any defects with our craftsmanship.

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Request a return

Returning your order:

Please request a return by emailing our support team at support@adamansjewellery.com.

We'll provide you with instructions on how to return your order.

Note: We do not accept returns for custom products or solid gold orders as they are made-to-order and cannot be re-sold. All earrings sales & grills (products intended for oral use) are final due to hygiene purposes.

We allow up to 14 days from date of dispatch to request your return. After this time period our system will not allow for it. There is also a 15% restocking fee for all returns.

We do not currently offer free returns labels. We will, of course reimburse the postage fee should you receive the wrong item or an item in error and have to ship it back.

Please make sure you have tracking and proof of weight for the parcel you're returning.

Please note, all items must be in the original packaged condition in order for us to accept your return. Watches must also have the protective peels in-place.


For orders included in the Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer, in order to receive a refund, BOTH items must be returned. If only 1 item is returned we reserve the right to reject the request. We do not accept returns on items bought with earrings in the BOGO deal.

Lifetime Guarantee: All Adamans pieces come with a Lifetime Guarantee. This entitles you to a one-time replacement of your piece should you experience any manufacturing defects. This includes defective bails, defective clasps or stone faults. This guarantee is voided under intentional breakage, water damage or fading due to wear.

Please note, we can only offer replacements of the exact same item that is damaged, we cannot replace it for another item of the same or different value. If your item is no longer stocked, we can offer a gift card in place of your original item, for the original item amount paid.

To request a replacement for a faulty item or for more details on the Lifetime Guarantee, please email support@adamansjewellery.com.

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Warranty & guarantees

Lifetime warranty

Our lifetime warranty allows you to replace your item, once, under warranty at Adamans expense. You'll receive a lifetime warranty & authenticity card with every purchase.

Our lifetime warranty covers:

  • Fading/ tarnishing
  • Broken clasps
  • Missing stones
  • Manufacturer defects

Our lifetime warranty does not cover:

  • Intentional breakages
  • Stolen items
  • Water damage
  • Scratches 

The customer will be responsible for shipping costs for repair or replacement.

To claim under warranty please email support@adamansjewellery.com for a repair or replacement. Please attach images of your damaged item with the subtitle ‘Returns’ and our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

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How do I track an order?

Easily track your order by using your tracking link sent via email or SMS.

Alternatively, sync your order using your email address on your account to the Shop app to track your order in real time.

Download the Shop iOS or Android app.

For help tracking your order please contact support@adamansjewellery.com with your order number + name.

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Can I cancel an order?

Cancelling your order:

Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel your order after it has been placed. Once you receive your item(s) you can request a return within 14 days, information on how to do this is at the top of the page.

If you have any questions, feel free to email our team at support@adamansjewellery.com.

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I ordered multiple items and some have arrived before others, is there a problem?

In certain circumstances we will ship your order separately.

Watches may be delivered separate to chains, rings, pendants & other pieces. As they require their own packaging boxes.

Custom pendants will be delivered seperate to other items in your order, as these are made to order and will not be on shelf for dispatch on the day of ordering. We'll dispatch all other items in your order seperate to your custom pendant so you don't need to wait for us to handcraft your custom piece.

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Are moissanite orders included in the buy 1 get 1 free deal?

No, unfortunately all moissanite and diamond pieces are currently not included in our buy 1 get 1 free sales.
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Company info

Where is Adamans located?

Adamans is headquartered in Bristol, UK. Our warehouse is located in Northampton, UK. Soon, we'll have a warehouse in Ohio, US.
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Does Adamans have any retail stores?

Currently, Adamans does not have any physical shops, stores or pop-up locations. To be notified if this changes sign-up to our newsletter.
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Who founded Adamans?

Adamans was founded in 2019, by Calum Norman. Built from the ground up with nothing but a small stock shelf, a huge vision and great like-minded visionaries. In the first 3 years, Adamans is innovating industry leading plating methods making jewellery only available for 'the rich' affordable for all - with new warehouses in Ohio, US & Australia Adamans is tunnel-visioned on boosting confidence in as many people as possible.
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Why was Adamans created?

With a passion to positively affect as many young people as possible Calum Norman created Adamans to satisfy this desire. Calum had an understanding of fashion and found other brands that had a head start were not putting product quality at the forefront of their operations, with this in mind Adamans was born. Working with suppliers and investing in the most advance plating methods available at the time of launch in 2019, Adamans found a balance between cost, product quality and longevity. Since, Adamans has significantly invested in design & brand image to resonate with their audience for a close feeling of community.
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